Sunday, April 12, 2009

What to do with my dead/dried flowers?

I got 2 different flower arrangements for Valentines Day and instead of throwing them away now that they are dead I want to do something crafty with them..anyone have any good ideas, suggestions, websites??
What to do with my dead/dried flowers?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersSince they are already dead and most likely dried, pressing them would probably not work, you would have crumbs.

If the flowers still look pretty good, you could cur the stems off and glue the flowers onto a picture frame or mirror frame.

Otherwise, pull the flowers apart, get some fragrance oil, mix a few drops of oil into the flower petals and place in a bowl in your bedroom or bathroom for potpourri. Add oil as needed to refresh the scent.
Reply:stitch a little pillow with the dried petals in the stuffing. This smells good and makes a nice sachet for your drawer.

You can embellish it with ribbon bows or buttons if you like.
Reply:Well if they still look visually pleasing you can encase them in resin (it is a liquid that dries into hard plastic) If the flowers are small enough you can make one of them into a pretty pendant that you can keep with you and wear around your neck.

you could do the same thing with another flower by crushing the pedals into tiny pieces and sprinkling it into resin. you can get a silicone icetray to pour your resin and flower petals into and maybe get some of those little letter beads to place inside and spell something. Maybe your initials or use numbers to remember the date by.

If you like any of these ideas I can show you where you can get the supplies you%26#039;d need as well as some tutorials although im sure they would already be included with the maerials.

Here is an examples of a resin jewelry:

Bes of luck to you =)

Reply:Wrap them in plastic, put them in a book and put something heavy on top of it and then when it is flat use it as a picture and frame them.Shoes

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