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Thank-You Cards?

My mother passed away 2 weeks ago. I received a lot of beautiul cards. Also received 4 very large beautiful flower arrangements. My question is do I send thank-you cards for the flowers? I know not to send thank-cards for cards. The flower arrangements must have cost at least $60.00 plus the vase. Second question is what can I say that would show my appreciation at this time of my sorrow somehow its hard to think of the perfect note. Thank-You for all your help.
Thank-You Cards?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersThe suggestions for what to write in the card so far are very good. I would, however, encourage you to send cards to everyone who expressed sympathy in some way. When we lost my sister and my stepfather (3 years apart) we sent Thank-You cards to everyone who came to the funeral and signed the guest book, to everyone who sent flowers and to anyone who sent a card. They were being very thoughtful in expressing their sympathies so a word of Thanks is certainly appropriate.

I%26#039;m sorry for your loss. Best Wishes to you! :)
Reply:I was so moved when I saw your name on the flowers. Thank you for caring and for the friendship that you gave to my mother.


please send a card that sounds like you, but send it. The worst is not to send a card when someone has obviously taken time and money to remember a family member. They would not even be for sure that the florist delivered it.
Reply:Thank you for being there for me in this difficult time. The flowers are beautiful.
Reply:yes thank you cards but i would do thank u cards for the card givers to but dont say heres a thank u card for the card..

i would say.


thank you so much for showing youre suppport in my time of need. I really appretiated it. My mom use to say you were a very nice kind and amzing person. I always know you will be there for me. Thanks again.
Reply:Yes, you send thank you cards for the flowers, and it is polite and nice to acknowledge cards in some way, but not mandatory..

For someone who was there:Dear Aunt Sarah and Uncle Joe, Thank you so much for the beautiful spray of flowers you sent for my Mom%26#039;s funeral, roses were her favorite flowers, and they were absolutely gorgeous.

The funeral was lovely, Reverand Jones spoke very well, and I was so pleased that there were so many people there, and Mom would have been pleased, too. Thank you so much for being there, and your kind words. We will miss Mom a lot.

Thanks again,

Or for someone who could not attend, leave out he thanks for being there.

Try to mention what the flowers were, or the color, so the giver knows you actually saw them, if you don%26#039;t remember, ok, just saying they were pretty is good.

Sorry for your loss, hope this helps. Speaking from the heart, saying things the way you always talk is never wrong. Go with that. Follow the rules for any thank you, leave out that you know the flowers were costly, keep your thanks short and to the point and sincere, and the giver will be so pleased that you sent the thanks.
Reply:Oh I went through this when granny died.

First off, set a time limit to do the thank you cards, but do not push yourself. It can take six months or a year before emotionally you are able to do them. But make sure you do send them.

I made them personal. I wrote the name of the gift givers, whether it was flowers or a dish or even a meal. Or some act of kindness that helped out.

I think along the lines of :

Dear Sally and Allen,

Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet of flowers you sent the family at my mothers passing. (funeral, time of need)

Your kindness and thoughts meant so much to me (us), I can never put them into words.

I love you very much, and thank you again.


Your name (families name)

For some givers you may want to make a letter out of the thank you card, depending on how close you are or your mother was to them
Reply:your generous gift is so appreciated at this time. Thank you for caring for my family and me. We treasure the flowers, mom would have loved them. thanks again.

Dying flowers help... easy ten points?

i just got a gorgeous flower arrangement.... wat should i put in the water to make the flowers stay alive... i have heard asprin?!?!?! and sugar?!?!? .....
Dying flowers help... easy ten points?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersIt depends on the type of flowers, but sugar does work really good. What I have also found to be sucesful for me is a small amount of lemon squeezed in the water. It helps tp Ph balance te flowers.
Reply:just cool water, changed daily. and cut back the stem about a quarter inch every other day
Reply:If it is a variety of flowers, just keep the water changed daily. It should have come with a small packet to add to the water to help them last longer. Call the florist %26amp; ask ab out it.
Reply:I have tried the few drops of bleach and that is ok.

I have tried the 7-Up in the water...about 2 tbls..that is ok

Never tried the aspirin...

I usually use plain ice cold water...sometimes with ice cubes if I remember to add them....and change it at least every other day...everyday if I dont get too busy and forget.

That works the cold water with ice cubes and change it everyday.White Teeth

What colors should I use and what songs to play to get everyone dancing??

I need help with table centerpieces and table linens. I decided to have my bridesmaids wear red dresses for my latin theme. styleM65.

I don%26#039;t really know what colors to use for flowers and linens. I thought about using red and fuschia linens?? I%26#039;d like to use tall centerpieces with limes and a flower arrangement on top and then smaller flower arrangements with lots of small votive candles. The place where I%26#039;ll be having my reception looks very latin already. The website is

What are some good songs to play during the dance to get everyone dancing? We are Christian so we really can%26#039;t be playing music where it%26#039;s talking about shakin your @$$.=)
What colors should I use and what songs to play to get everyone dancing??
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy Flowers2 step
Reply:For songs, I would make sure to play the following 2:

1. Shoulder Lean

2. Smack That

I wouldn%26#039;t worry much about the colors.
Reply:If you%26#039;re going to do the red and fuschia, I would recommend throwing some orange in there too, to brighten things up, otherwise it might just look like things are clashing... maybe red and orange linens with fuschia napkins. I used to work at a banquet hall and I have seen an event with lime centerpieces, and it looked great...

You should use some old school songs like %26quot;La Bamba%26quot; and %26quot;Love Shack%26quot; to get everyone up dancing.
Reply:when I think latin, I think bright vibrant colors. Think about the time of year you are getting married, and go from there. But I would stick to complementary colors, maybe yellows, and bright greens, white would tie everything in nicely, as well as your original idea of fuschia, as long as the fuschia is the same tone as the red....other wise the colors will compete. As far as music goes, when I got married a couple of weeks ago, we played a variety of stuff and everyone loved it. Just play off your tastes, and if you are dancing everyone else will follow you.

Check google, or yahoo for dance party songs. Fast or slow, but really just play whatever it is you like, and everything will follow suit! Congratulations!~
Reply:I%26#039;m not sure about the colors, to be honest, I like soft colors for weddings, not bold and not black. But as far as the music goes, my family (Italian/Catholic) always gets up and gets going to %26quot;We Are Family,%26quot; by the Pointer Sisters -- everyone gets up and starts singing and dancing to that -- and the traditional chicken dance, tarantella, macarena, and my family really, really loves songs people can jitterbug to and polka to! May not be something we do in our everyday lives, but at weddings, they get up and dance!
Reply:As a person who%26#039;s DJed several weddings, I can honestly say that the Music (and the colors) TOTALLY depend on YOU, your friends and your family. Music is very personal. You should pick music you and your partner like, and that will appeal to everyone. I suggest thinking of your fondest times, and what music, or genre was playing then. Whether that%26#039;s Motown, 80%26#039;s, Disco, Rock, Pop, will know, and if you ask some key guests, they will know too. Have songs picked for 1st Dance, Dances with Parents and Cake Cutting Music. Have a microphone for speeches and the ceremony, and have someone in charge of the music who has experience doing it. You%26#039;ll want someone there live to deal with the spontaneity of the moment (vs. iPod set-list). It can be a friend, but go someone who knows equipment and is responsible, as there are a million little things that can go wrong -- the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is have to fix things, or pick up things you%26#039;ve forgotten (like an extension cord). Have someone there to deal with it, because it%26#039;s your day to enjoy. Hey -- and if you%26#039;re going Latin and it%26#039;s a summer wedding, it sounds like some Salsa would work well, put that into your mix.
Reply:At my wedding, the dancing started to slow down so the DJ played the hokey pokey. Everyone from 5-55 years old was dancing in no time!
Reply:The most important part is not necessarily the songs that are played but the D.J. That is the most important. He/She can make or break the reception.
Reply:A live band playing %26quot;oldies but goodies%26quot; (classic Rock %26#039;n%26#039; Roll) is good. Whatever you do, don%26#039;t make the music too loud, though, or people won%26#039;t want to be on the floor.
Reply:I like the song Shout from the Isley Brothers. It is a good song that a lot of people know and like to dance to, all ages can join in. I%26#039;m going to be using it for my wedding in October! As for your flowers, I would suggest taking cues from Latin countries. Use native in season flowers from there. Good luck!
Reply:I%26#039;m a sound engineer and work with a lot of wedding bands so I see what gets played at a lot of weddings. Most of them seem to have the same basic set of songs and a few twists but you really need to think about what your guests like. Some that always seem popular with almost any age group

Electric Slide - its easy to dance when you are being told how to

September - Earth Wind and Fire

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Disco Inferno

Crazy - Gnarls Barkley

Crazy In Love - Beyonce

Get the Party Started

Can%26#039;t Get You Outa My Head

a few slow ones...

Crazy Love

What a Wonderful World

At Last

Thats what I can think of off the top of my head. Oh yeah most of these wedding are religious, Christian or Jewish and we never have any complaints.
Reply:Definitely use some of the theme songs with the choreographed dances that everyone knows or at least can catch on to. The pop culture ones like the electric slide, cha cha slide and some of the %26quot;cleaner ones%26quot; without a lot of the booty popping.
Reply:We are Family and Celebration are good wedding songs. I would definitely give the DJ a play list to make sure you are not running up to the stage all night. Also, you can search itunes for wedding dance music.

Red and white looks very elegant, so maybe white flowers with the tips sprayed red?affiliate reviews

Preserving Flowers?

I want to preserve some flowers from a family members funeral flower arrangement. What is needed to do this?
Preserving Flowers?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersDepends on the kind of flowers you are looking to preserve. Some do not dry as well as others.

There are a few products out there that are good for those that don%26#039;t naturally hold up well, but they are something you would have had to purchase already.

Basically you want to hand them upside down in a dark place. Some recommend some kind of sealent or hairspray.

a good source is
Reply:You have 3 options:

- Hang them upside down to dry

- Buy silicone spray at plant store

- Or press within a heavy book
Reply:It depends on the flowers. If it was a rose the let them dry out. Or if it was another type of flower put them in th refridgorator. There are lots of ways to preserve flowers. Then there%26#039;s the question if you want to press the flowers. If you want to do that then press the flowers in and old phone book, out lots of weight on the book.
Reply:put them in a vase put two aspirins in it they will live longer than usual.
Reply:contact your local florist and ask for referrals for freeze-dryers. They will last forever, without pressing, decolorization, or spoilage.

It%26#039;s costly because the machines required are very++ expensive and the flowers need to be sent off almost immediately, but it is the best possible way to preserve them.Soles

Flowers and flower colors for a friends family memeber who just died?

I was wondering if you guys had any ideas that would help me decide what color and what kind of flowers and any ideas i should right about in the letter for an arrangement that my very close friend%26#039;s uncle died. She is in a very sad state right now and i really just want to cheer her up right now and i dont want to really send it to her to be for her whole family kinda just her. I am going down to the florist tomorrow so any help would be greatly appreciated . I do not have a whole lot of money either i am only 14 by the way so i only have like $40 max
Flowers and flower colors for a friends family memeber who just died?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersThat is very kind of you. I%26#039;m sure your friend will be touched by anything you choose to give, but ask the florist for suggestions, she or he has lots of experience and will be able to create something just right for your price.
Reply:This may help:

What is the appropriate flower arrangement for a funeral?

http://homegarden.expertvillag... Report It

Flower pots? Flower/plant arranging?

I know mother%26#039;s day is kinda far away but I have an idea for my mom, she loves plants and flowers. So I want to buy her a plant, well plantS and put different kinds that match well in the pot, any suggestions of what kind of plants/flowers that wont be super expensive haha aka affordable for a 17 yr old with no job, and plants/flowers that are suitable for houston weather [hot and humid]. Thanks!

Im taking a floral arrangement class but we do more of the cut cut stuff, i want the WHOLE plant :]
Flower pots? Flower/plant arranging?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersHey Lacey...

What a considerate girl you are! That is so nice.

Go to Lowes or Home Depot...they have some great inexpensive containers made out of fiberglass/plastic or resin and are relatively light and look like real stone etc. Buy one that%26#039;s wide, but not so deep, so that you don%26#039;t need to use so much soil.

Get a bag of good Potting Soil (Miracle gro has a decent one) and make sure that there are some drainage holes in the bottom of the container so it%26#039;s doesn%26#039;t get water-logged.

I love creating Container gardens. I mix all kinds of plants. I use a lot of %26quot;Impatiens and cascading petunias which are fairly inexpensive plants but really do well here in Florida. I would plant something tall in the middle of the container like a spiky/grassy plant and surround it with these florals. I also sometimes combine %26quot;Asparagus fern%26quot; which loves humidity and just flows over the sides of the pot. Mix different colors up. (wish I could post some pics of some of the ones I have going on here right now!) I%26#039;m not sure about the Marigolds as suggested earlier...mine did terribly when it started getting hot here. Never have had luck with them in containers, although they start out looking great.

Another nice idea could be a %26quot;herb planter%26quot;. If she cooks, she would love it. I have one with Basil, Dill, Oregano and Parsley. I also mixed in a couple Yellow %26quot;Crown of thorns%26quot; so it%26#039;s just not %26quot;all green%26quot;! It%26#039;s very attractive and who say%26#039;s you can%26#039;t mix flowers and herbs? I planted this one in a very attractive oblong planter from Lowes that cost about 15.00.

Whatever you come up with...Your Mom is going to Love it! You%26#039;re putting your heart into it!

Email me at if you would like to see some photos of various containers.

Good Luck to you...
Reply:I like flowers
Reply:what a lovely idea....

have you considered starting some flowers from seeds..this is really the cheap way to go..and pretty easy to do...some potting soil and pots or containers..can use of my favorite annual and easy to raise is moss rose ...they are low growing flower and in a pot they would spill over the sides...they bloom continuously....than you could add a taller plant in the center like coleus..which are extremely easy to raise from seed or you could put a miniature rose in the middle...and they are not real expensive and can be found at farmers markets...and they will live a long is some pics

if you would like to try this...than plan on sowing your seeds pretty soon so they will be blooming by the time mothers day comes still have plenty of time....and for less than ten bucks you can have a pot full of flowers..and some to plant around in your yard or to make a small flower bed.or give to others....

If you don%26#039;t want to try and raise them on your can always buy them at a farmers market...and they are like a dollar something for a pack of six...............

I am sure your mom with love it.....
Reply:That is very nice of you! I can only think of one plant right now that is small and likes sun, primroses! They are very colorful and would look great in a flower pot arrangement! Marigolds also like heat, I am told. Good Luck!
Reply:Lilyhairstyles hair style

Do flowers need sun?

I got a gorgeous flower arrangement in a glass vase for V-Day. Will giving them some sun help them live longer? It%26#039;s a really tight arrangement so I don%26#039;t want to pull them all out and recut them or anything and I made sure they had lots of water. Any suggestions?
Do flowers need sun?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersKeep your flower arrangement out of the sun.

It%26#039;ll last longer if not overheated, away from bright lights, %26amp; out of drafts. A cooler area is better.

Keep the water clean by changing it every couple of days so bacteria doesn%26#039;t make it rot. Remove any lower leaves that would otherwise be immersed under water as they will rot and shorten the life of your flowers

Some people even add a drop of bleach to the water.

%26quot;Suggestions range from adding a few drops of bleach to each pint of vase water to keep bacteria from growing to using a solution made with lemon-lime soda, one part soda to two parts water. The sugar in the soda is said to feed the flowers and help buds continue to open, and acidity inhibits bacterial growth.%26quot;

It seems the lemon/lime soda both helps preserve the flowers %26amp; helps them to open...sugar being cited for helping the flowers open. So just adding lemon juice alone (or a few drops of bleach by itself) to the water should help preserve the flowers without hastening the blooming process.

Michael Skaff, a floral specialist for recommends: %26quot;Under running tap water, quickly cut the bottom of the stems on an angle and remove foliage that will be lower than the water level in the vase. Then add two to three drops of bleach to the vase to prevent bacteria buildup. %26quot;

Good Luck! Hope this helps.
Reply:Of course, Everything in the floral system need sun light to survive, The only matter is how much, there are some kind of flower which can only used a small amount of sunshine, but some flower need a large amount of sunshine and heat, some need to stay in the shade, some need to live under the sun light, make sure you do some research on the flower you are planting and choose the best place to put your flower in.
Reply:Of course, even shade dwellers get uv rays outsidegenealogy mormon